The first rule of ThNdl is don't forget to PAN RIGHT to find the articles (unless you're on IE with no columns support).

This is a blog written by myself, Andrew Baldwin (baldand@twitter).

The articles will cover all kinds of things I'm interested in, including but not limited to software performance, graphics, mobile devices, and user experience.

ThNdl is a reboot of a similar blog - TheNeedle - I used to write a few years ago for the Nokia intranet BlogHub, so if you are a former or (like me) current Nokian, it might seem vaguely familiar. However, this incarnaion of the blog won't be focusing on Nokia.

In classic Internet tradition, during the rebooting process I felt compelled to lose the vowels in order to grab the shortest relevant domain name that didn't already point to a knitting site or domain reseller. Actually, I was a bit surprised to find a suitable 5 letter .com still available in 2012.

Unlike another recent BlogHub reboot - @jpzip's - I decided not to use an existing blog platform to start with, but rather to learn through mistakes by rolling my own. So, expect the unexpected, and give me feedback, as you read this on hardware and platforms I don't have. We'll see how this works out, especially when it comes to comments.

Regarding comments and feedback, until I get round to adding a comment system, you can send your thoughts directly to me (once again, @baldand) via Twitter.

I've been told that columns are old fashioned, so you might be wondering about the layout. I'm already a bit bored and frustrated with the "giant scrolling 1D page" paradigm when reading on mobile devices.

So, at least to start with, I'm trying an experiment with 2D layout. On most semi-modern browsers, articles should be screen height and as many columns as needed to the right. To jump to the next articles, just scroll up or down. Let me know what you think of that, or if I should just give in and go 1D.

Finally, apologies in advance if you happen to come from across the pond, but colourful British-English spellings - notable for a lack of zees, or even zeds - shall be utilised throughout. I'm sure you'll get used to it in case you carry on reading!