thndl v3

May 19, 2017

It has been more than 2 years since the last post here on thndl, and the technology world has moved on noticeably during that time. When I first started writing thndl, shaders were a bit exotic, and WebGL wasn’t widely supported.

Now in mid 2017, all major browsers are supporting WebGL, WebGL 2.0 has been introduced, and so has WebVR. In fact VR is everywhere now, and that is something I have been closely involved with through my recent work developing VR cameras for professionals.

So I thought it was maybe time to bring thndl up to date a bit. I started by moving the content from my previous static site tool - Pelican (python-based), - to a new one, Hugo (go-based).

A really nice feature of Hugo is the live updating - you can run it as a local server and it rebuilds the site automatically as you modify the files, including reloading the changes into your browser automatically, very nice!

So here is thndl v3, fresh and mobile-friendly.